H Series
Ultrasonic Cleaner Series H-- High Frequency
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Welso ultrasonic cleaners have 6 series, Ultra-E with low noise is best choice for laboratory use. Ultra-A with adjustable power is the most cost-effective model. Ultra-D with dual frequency is designed for pharmaceutical applications. Ultra-L with 28Khz low frequency is ideal for disperse, mixing and emulsifying. Ultra-H with 80KHz high frequency is widely used in cleaning surface with gloss finish or precision components. Ultra-P with high power is mainly for industrial cleaning applications. 




● Cleaning tanks are made of SUS304 which has good water-proof performance. 

● Adjustable working time (1~999mins) for different applications

● Special draining device for easy draining of cleaning liquid. 

● Adjustable cleaning temperature from room temperature to 80℃.

● Plexiglass panel which is fingerprint proof and acid alkali proof.

● LCD display which shows time, power and temperature separately. 

● Germany-made microprocessor assures stable and high performance.

● Aluminum block at the bottom for better heat dissipation which guarantees long lifetime of cleaners. 

Technical Specifications



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